Self-service reporting model in virtual desktop access in hybrid cloud

As the main data solutions partner for one of the leading financial institutions in the Spanish market, we participated with their architecture area on an innovative Business Intelligence as a Service project aimed at offering users of different areas of the bank the possibility of exploiting data using any market exploitation tool, by passing the cost of use to the area and deploying the BI tool on Public Cloud infrastructure while keeping the data governed in the Private Cloud.

For this purpose, the front end was adapted to include the service as a new resource in Sandbox Manager, performing back-end jobs for authentication of the new service with the current systems, integration with current platform monitoring and subsequent integration with AWS for provision of the Billing & monitoring service.

The final self-service report is generated under WebFOCUS, MicroStrategy, Tableau and Domo products, mainly consisting of our work in development and operation – DevOps – with automation of deployment and the initial Setup, implementation/configuration of AMIs for the various reporting products, as well as specific communication with the defined protocol and configuration of Fireglass.