Conglomerate of multinational companies in various sectors

Migrating to Big Data platforms on GCP cloud.

Our client is a conglomerate of multinational companies with significant presence in sectors such as banking and insurance, retail, hospitality, restaurants, real estate, education, administration, lottery, cinemas and services, and is considered to be one of the three most valuable brands in its region. As part of its transformation plan, it has initiated the process of migrating its systems to cloud platforms and using big data technologies.

At Bluetab Peru we have collaborated with them in defining and implementing the corporate cloud strategy and guidelines and the subsequent deployment in each of its companies. This involved defining work architectures and best practice documents in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD), as well as implementing a use case based on DataFusion and AirFlow technologies.

Additionally, software was developed to control access to Apache Druid, and the pipeline between was deployed between Dev., Test and Prod, a metadata monitor and the integration with its Governance platform was developed.

With this, our client has successfully opened its architectures to cloud services and scalable systems to provide its businesses with efficiency and growth in data management.